Slika Valiant 30cc ARF

  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF
  • Slika Valiant 30cc ARF

Valiant 30cc ARF

SKU: HAN5060.380

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Nova cena: € 499,99

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Cena uključuje porez Nije u sistemu PDV 0%, Isporuka AKS Kurir Servis (Serbia Only), plaćanje pouzećem !

Valiant 30cc ARF, Odličan veliki avion, pogodan za početnike i za obuku, raspon krila 2750 mm, letne težine ispod 8 kg, predvidjen za Benzinski motor 30cc ili više, moze se staviti i elektro pogon....

Key Features

  • Giant-scale versatility with an executive look
  • Outstanding performance with a wide speed envelope
  • Top quality balsa and plywood construction that’s strong and light
  • Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® film covering
  • Functional flaps that significantly expand the flight envelope
  • Two-piece, plug-in cantilever wing
  • Removable horizontal and vertical tail surfaces
  • Finished fiberglass cowl and wheel pants in matching colors
  • Painted aluminum landing gear
  • Tinted windows and windshield
  • Pre-drilled or pre-slotted control surface hinge locations
  • Ready to mount the Evolution® 33GX gas engine
  • Electric motor mount kit (sold separately) makes conversion easy
  • Complete high-grade hardware package included
  • Optional float kit and tundra-style landing gear (available)


The Hangar 9® Valiant™ 30cc ARF airplane is everything you liked about the classic high-wing model that nursed you through your first solo flights and everything you wish it had when you became more experienced. By retaining the cabin-model looks, the friendly high-mounted wing design creates a natural stability, as does the stretched fuselage and over-sized tail surfaces. However, instead of a box with wings, handsome looks and fine details combine make this a versatile airplane with the finished appearance of an executive aircraft. 

Even more impressive is the sheer size of the Valiant and that it only needs a 30cc-class gas/petrol engine to deliver outstanding performance. Lightweight design, combined with high-grade balsa and plywood construction, is used with laser accuracy to provide everything you could want in a giant scale model. Its cantilever wing features two-piece, plug-in convenience along with a generous amount of flap area and large ailerons for crisp performance at a wide range of airspeeds. The elevator and rudder have been sized to offer sport performance with an extra "kick" as well. 

An Evolution® 33GX 33cc gas engine will easily mount completely enclosed inside the streamlined cowling. All combined, you’ll enjoy great performance and the power to add the optional floats. You can also exercise its STOL capability from just about any landing zone with the recommended Tundra-style landing gear setup (sold separately). If you’re looking for a big sport airplane that looks great and can do it all, the Valiant 30cc airplane will answer the call. 

The Valiant 30cc ARF is part of the complete line of top-quality Hangar 9® aircraft and accessories. All are engineered and crafted to exacting standards and feature the finest components and materials. Plus, every Hangar 9 product comes with the after-sale service and technical support you need to succeed. 

Plug-In Wings
The cantilever wing is a two-piece, plug-in design featuring a large aluminum joiner tube for support without the need for complex external struts. 

Easy Assembly
The locations for the hinges are pre-drilled or slotted, and pre-installed blind nuts are used wherever possible. The vertical and horizontal stabilizers are removable as a unit to ease transportation. 

Large Top Hatch
Interior access through the cabin hatch reveals the simple nylon thumb-screw wing attachment points and helps make battery changes quicker. 

Float Ready
Hard points are located in the fuselage so you can easily convert the Valiant™ 30cc to a seaplane using Hangar 9 ¼-scale floats-sold separately. 

Functional Flaps
Operational flaps expand the flight envelope and shorten takeoff and landing distances. Each flap surface features independent servo control for deployment that’s precise and reliable. 

Fully Enclosed Engine
The Evolution® 33GX gas engine mounts inside the sleek fiberglass cowling with almost no protrusions. The available Hangar 9 EP Mount Set (sold separately) makes electric conversion simple. 

Landing Gear Options
The finished aluminum gear with fiberglass wheel pants completes the executive look. For increased rough-field durability, the optional Tundra setup features shock absorption and big 6-inch wheels. 

A Brilliant Finish
The all-wood airframe is finished in genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® film covering that’s long lasting and easy to maintain. The painted fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and aluminum landing gear feature matching paint that’s fuel proof.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 108.3 in (275 cm)
Overall Length: 78.2 in (199 cm)
Wing Area: 1663.0 sq. in. (107.3 sq. dm.)
Flying Weight: 16.5 - 17.5 lb ( 7.48 - 7.94 kg)
Engine Size: 33cc
Motor Size: Power 160
Radio: 6+ channel
Servos: Gas/Petrol: 8 servos EP: 7 servos
Trim Scheme Colors: White, Silver, True Red
CG (center of gravity): 4-1/8 - 4-3/4 in (105-121 mm) behind leading edge at wing root..
Wing Loading: 23-24 oz/sq ft.
Prop Size: Gas/Petrol: 17-18x8, EP: 18x10
Spinner Size: 3.25 in (83 mm)
Speed Control : 80A HV
Recommended Battery: EP: 37.0V 10S (5S x2) 5000mAh LiPo RX: 6.6V 2S 2200 - 3000mAh Li-Fe
Flaps: Yes
Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 15/16 in Up, 13/16 in Down, High: 1-1/8 in Up, 15/16 in Down
Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 1-38 in Up and Down, High: 1-3/4 in Up and Down
Control Throw (Flaps): 3.0 in Full, 1-1/2 in Mid
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 15-20 Hours
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Is Assembly Required: Yes
Experience Level: Intermediate
Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 2-1/8 in Left and Right Hight: 2-3/4 in Left and Right

Needed to Complete

Internal Combustion 
- 6+ channel Transmitter and Receiver radio system 
- (8) standard digital servos 
- Receiver and ignition pack 
- Engine 
- Propeller 
- Engine kill switch 
- Spinner 

Electric Power 
- 6+ channel Transmitter and Receiver radio system 
- (7) standard digital servos 
- Motor 
- ESC 
- Propeller 
- Motor battery 
- EP mount set 
- Spinner

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Kategorija: ARF (Samo Avion)

Brend: Hangar9 (USA)

Kod proizvoda - SKU: HAN5060.380

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