Slika SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF

  • Slika SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF
  • Slika SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF
  • Slika SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF
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SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF

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SIG 1909 Deperdussin 1257 mm oldtimer status ARF

Product Description

The fastest airplane in the world as a slow-flyer? It looks like nonsense, but Deperdussin in 1910 actually broke the record and defeated the legendary brands competing machines Wright, Curtiss, Farman, Voisin, Bleriot like on a conveyor belt. Indeed, the fighters produced by SPAD (Societe Pour Aeroplanes Deperdussin) during the First World War were characterized by a high-performance machines of the brand in 1918 and formed the basis for the Air Force newly established Czechoslovak Republic. 

SIG brings Deperdussin in a number of indoor oldtimers Pioneers of Flight as a classic kit in Rozsyp with laser carved parts. Model lightweight design with wing profile curved plates coated with unilateral faithfully reproduces the "forest" strings and braces characteristic of the early era of aviation. Control is via the rudder and elevator stranded drives and motor speed. 

The drive can serve DC geared motor (eg motor with gear unit GWS 7:1) powered 350-600 mAh NiMH cells, but the true pleasures of infinitely long flights will use a brushless motor powered Two-section of Li-poly battery pack. With the recommended motor AXI 2204/54 model smoothly taking off from a grassy airport (from lawn zastřiženého least as soccer) or meter starting from mats laid on the taller sward. At half throttle lasts plow through the air with unsurpassed grace 40 minutes or more. The model flies great in any little larger hall where perfectly utilize his ability to spin the turn "on a dime", as well as under the open sky on a calm morning with no wind warm summer or early evening. 

The kit contains a bundle of balsa wood beams, laser carved balsa and plywood parts parts, elastic material for wire reinforcement and nylon fishing line to draw, arch Litespan for cover, wheels, radial engine mock-up, small accessories, quality construction drawings and detailed image guidance. 

Tip for building: 
Cut parts coating with 2.5 cm overlap according to the diagram in the manual and iron Iron (Model Q-603, 604) at 90-100 º C. For custom coating, use a flat iron trim element (Q-Model 606). Cover this way well off without a skeleton collapsed. 

Tires made of surgical rubber tubing with pre-stained using textile paints the same procedure as if you dyed shirt. 

To paint the wooden parts, use "kitařské" acrylic paints (AGAMA, Tamyia) for small (especially plastic) Details are suitable synthetic colors (AGAMA, Humbrol, etc.). 

Length: 1105 mm 
Wingspan: 1257 mm 
Weight: 199 to 227 grams without battery. 

Recommended accessories (potrebno za let)
Motor: AXI 2204/5 
Controller: JES 12 ECO 
Battery: E-TEC 1700SP 7.4 V 
Propeller: APC 9x4, 7'' SF, * APC 8x3, 8'' SF 
Servos: 2x HS-55 
Radio: min. 3 channel

+381 (0)69 1029252 - Poručivanje telefonom
(7 dana u nedelji) 12:00 - 20:00 INFO


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Kategorija: ARF (Samo Avion)

Kod proizvoda (SKU): 97541.90

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