Slika RC Muški/Muški ekstenzija dužine 150 mm


RC Muški/Muški ekstenzija dužine 150 mm

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RC Muški/Muški ekstenzija dužine 150 mm

Super Clean RC Male to Male Extension set (150mm)

Super clean ribbon extension set is an ingenious and super clean way to connect you RX to a Flight controller or flybar-less unit with a single bundle wire. Taking advantage that only a single power and ground need to be connected between the two devices. A single 3 pin male to male is fitted with 7 other signal lines, this allows for a total of 8 PWM channels and power/Ground to be connected between your receiver and flight controller. One great thing about this cable bundle is you can simply pull and strip off unused cables, if say you need to only connect 6ch etc. This cable bundle eliminates the mess and confusion and brings simple and clean to your gear install.

Specs:Length: 150mm cable, 179mm end to endWires: 10 (3 in a 3pin male to male and 7 in single male to male)Channel: Up to 8ch can be connected with one power/ground

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Kod proizvoda - SKU: 258000155-0.1

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