Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm

  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
  • Slika MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm
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MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm

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MODSTER Trainee RTF 400mm

Dolazi sve kompletno u kutiji, avion, li-po baterija sa USB chargerom i daljinska komanda Predajnik Tx..

Odlican za obuku i prve korake u RC letenju.. Raspon krila 400 mm... Ima ugradjenu 6-axe stabilizaciju i 3 moda leta.

MODSTER Trainee - the perfect introduction to remote-controlled surface flight. This beginner-friendly coach comes fully assembled from the box. The model is finished painted, the windows are glued as a decor. An integrated, electronic attitude stabilization supports the pilot in 3 stages. The efficiency of this support is switchable via the transmitter during the flight. Thus, the learning pilot can always choose between strong or low attitude stabilization using a built-in 6-axis gyroscope. This stabilization can also be completely switched off - depending on your learning success, flying abilities or the desired thrill!

The trainee is only 20g light high-wing and should be flown in calm or only very light wind.

The flight time with a flight battery is 10-12 minutes, depending on the full-throttle phases during the flight.

The standard 2.4GHz remote control comes in Mode 2 version, i. the gas is to be controlled on the left lever.

The included USB charging cable can be connected to any USB port on computers, power banks, etc., so you can recharge your flight battery while you're on the move.

Delivery: • MODSTER Trainee RTF • 2.4 GHZ remote control • Drive motor with gearbox already installed • Controller servo unit already installed • LiPo battery 1S 3.7V with 180mAh • USB LiPo charging cable • Spare air screw • Instructions in German and English You will need 4 pieces of AA Mignon batteries for remote operation.
Wingspan approx: 400 mm
Length approx: 310 mm
Weight approx: 35 g
Weight with electric engine (EP) approx: 40 g
Fuselage: molded foam
Wing: molded foam
RC functions: H, S, M
RC special features: 3-stage attitude stabilization
Inclusive engine: 8mm Coreless engine
Regulator included: in receiver integrated controller with 2 servos
Inclusive accumulator: LiPo battery 1S 3.7V 180mAh
Inclusive servos: 2 servos each with 1.6g integrated in the receiver
Kit version: RTF
Stick Mode: Mode-2 (gas left)
Suitable for: Beginner to expert
Model Type 1: Motorflug Elektro
Modellart 1: Hochdecker & Schulterdecker

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