Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)

  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
  • Slika DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)
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DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only)

SKU: SPMR8810/135

Stara cena: 299,99 € Popust 30%

Nova cena: 209,99 €

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Cena sa porezom, Isporuka AKS Kurir Servis (Serbia Only), plaćanje pouzećem !

DX8 8 Ch. DSMX (Predajnik Tx Only), Dobro poznat radio Prejanik u RC Hobbiju, standarno odličan, sa 8 ch, DSMX, Full Range, Memorijom za 50 modela, sa Li/ion 2000 Mah baterijom, Telemetry Ready i mnogo drugih korisnik stvari.

U ovoj verziji stize sa originalnom Spektrum Li-ion baterijom 2000 Mah i fabrički bilt in Chargerom, automatsko punjenje.

SUPER CENA ! SUPER CENA !   Teško / Nikako ćete je naći za te novce.. Jedna od najprodavanijih Spektrum stanica

The powerful Spektrum AirWare software in the DX8 was developed exclusively by a team of RC experts from the ground up. It includes every programming function an expert pilot could want, but you don't have to be an expert to use it. The intuitive Simple Scroll™ interface lets you "roll and click" your way between menus with ease. And all the information is presented in crisp, clear detail on a big, backlit LCD screen.
9 wing types: Normal, Dual Aileron, Flaperon, 1 Aileron + 1 Flap, 1 Aileron + 2 Flap, 2 Aileron + 1 Flap, 2 Aileron + 2 Flap, Elevon, Elevon-B
5 tail types: Normal, V-Tail, Dual Elevator + 1 Rudder, Dual Rudder + 1 Elevator, Dual Rudder + Dual Elevator
3-position flap with elevator compensation
Adjustable flap speed
Programmable aileron differential/li>
5-point graphic throttle curve
Aileron rudder mixes
Elevator/flap mixes
6 programmable mixes
Governor programming
Active governor trim
Active gyro trim
5-point graphic throttle and pitch curves
Swashplate timing
6 swashplate types: 1 Servo Normal, 2 Servos 180°, 3 Servos 90°, 3 Servos 120°, 3 Servos 135°, 3 Servos 140°
Electronic E-ring
4 flight modes
4 wing types: 1 Aileron, 2 Aileron, 2 Aileron + 1 Flap, 2 Aileron + 2 Flap
3 tail types: Normal, V-Tail A, V-Tail B
Motor control assignment
Camber system
Camber presets
Flap-to-elevator curve mix
Aileron-to-flap mix
Aileron-to-rudder mix
Elevator-to-flap mix
2 free programmable mixes
Independent aileron trim per flight mode

više INFO na Spektrum web OVDE

The DX8's built-in telemetry feature gives you vital, real-time information about what's happening with your model in flight; information that can prevent crashes and maximize performance. The telemetry data appears in an easy-to-read format on the large backlit LCD screen so you can reference it at a glance. You can also have the DX8 alert you with an audio or vibe alarm whenever any telemetry values exceed limits you define. The DX8 will initially be able to track four key safety and performance factors:
Never again will you have to wonder whether or not you have enough voltage to keep flying. Being able to monitor voltage will also help you detect a worn out battery pack before it prematurely ends your flight. The telemetry module is plugged into the receiver and will automatically relay receiver voltage. A separate sensor for tracking main battery voltage in electric aircraft will be included.

Is there enough airflow reaching an electric motor? Is my battery getting too hot? With the DX8, you will get real-time answers and be able to take action well before damage occurs. One temperature sensor is included.

The telemetry module will keep tabs on the quality of the signal coming to the receiver and send this information back to the DX8 where it is represented on the LCD screen using a familiar "signal bar" scale.

Pilots can use the RPM telemetry data to check the effectiveness of new mixture settings, new battery packs, or perhaps a new propeller/motor combination. The RPM sensor is sold separately.

+381 (0)69 1029252 - Poručivanje telefonom
(7 dana u nedelji) 10:00 - 20:00 INFO


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Kategorija: Predajnici Air (Tx Only)

Brend: Spektrum (USA)

Spektrum (USA)
Najpoznatiji brend za Radio Sisteme u RC hobiju, veliki inovator u ovom segmentu, iz sastava HorizonHobby grupe. Njihovim radio stanica se bukvalno leti RC u celom svetu. Takodje proizvode i ostalu elektronsku opremu neophodnu za RC Hobby

Kod proizvoda (SKU): SPMR8810/135

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