El. Pogon - RC Avioni

BL motor GensAce

Brushless Motor 4850 340KV, (Mars by Gens Ace),...

ESC GensAce

Programska kartica za BL ESC 90A OPTO (Avion)...
Brushless ESC 60A BEC 4A/5-6V, elektronski...

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El.Motori HorizonHobby

Delta-V 15 69mm Electric Ducted Fan, EDF Fan,...
Mini Motor Brushed za UM Radian E-Flite...
EDF 28mm sa Brushless Motorom, E-Flite...

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Elektro Motor-Gear Box

2450 KV Brushless elektro motor + 12A ESC za...
Park 250 2050Kv, Brushless elektro motor. Motor...
Park 480 1320Kv, Brushless elektro motor. Motor...

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Nosač Motora

AXI nosač BL motora AXI 28xx i 41xx...
HEPF ALU nosač BL motora AXI 53xx ALU Spant...
AXI Model Motors GREASE High Quality Grease for...

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EDF sistemi

EDF55 sa Brushless Motorom + ESC 18/20A BEC2A......
EDF impeler 59 mm 3 blade (bez motora) mera 59...
EDF impeler sistem 50 mm 3 blade (bez motora)...

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ESC (El.SpeedControl)

50A ESC 3A UBEC Elektronska kontrola brushless...
8-10A ESC 1A UBEC Elektronska kontrola brushless...
TY-P1 25Amp HEXFET Brushless Speed Controller, za...

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UBEC-Rx Batt.Eliminator

5V-6V HOBBYWING RC UBEC 3A Max 5A (input...
KINGKONG 5V 3A Switching Power UBEC (Input...


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